Weekly Wellness

Weekly Wellness

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GSACRD Mental Health Capacity Building Team - Parent Cafe Oct 26/21

Please join our GSACRD VOICE latest Parent Cafe for this session on "Hard to Have Feelings" with your child. This session is good for all children up to grade 12. 

Hard to Have Feelings

Gratitude is Good For Us!

The Thanksgiving long weekend is here, which means it is time to show some gratitude. Dr. Nicholas Mitchell (Alberta Health Services medical doctor of Addictions and Mental Health) said that “Humour and laughter improve our ability to handle stress… Expressing gratitude—focusing on things that are positive and bring us joy or pleasure—causes similar changes in our brain and body.”1

Simply put, gratitude can help us feel good. Amidst your Thanksgiving plans this weekend, we challenge you to spend some time expressing your gratitude. Here are some quick and easy ways to do this:

  • Say “thank you”.
  • Write a kind note and give it to someone you love.
  • Spend quiet time alone to reflect on what you’re grateful for.
  • Verbally express to someone else what you are thankful for.

“Being actively grateful will make you a happier person.”

For information on how to effectively express gratitude to others in order to help improve your well-being, check out this quick video (4 mins.):

The Gratitude Experiment

Parent Cafe Sessions with GSACRD Voice

The GSACRD Voice team would like to invite you to join our Parent Cafe sessions again this year.
We will begin with the topic of Back to School nutrition and will be joined again by Registered Dietitian, Lalitha Taylor who will educate on how to build nutritious and economical lunches and snacks. The event will take place on Tuesday, September 21 from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM. 
The event is free, online and requires registration. For more information and to register, visit this link:https://gsacrdvoice-bts-nutrition.eventbrite.ca

Feel free to share this in your school newsletters or share our Facebook post to your pages. Hope to see you there!

Saying “Thank You” Instead of “I’m Sorry”

“I’m sorry” is such a common phrase these days. Generally, we say it when we want to acknowledge some kind of wrong-doing on our part. Saying “sorry” is important in our everyday lives, but do we actually think about what we mean when we say it as often as we do? Take a moment to think about what would happen if you chose to say “thank you” instead of “sorry” the next time you make a mistake.

When we say sorry, we are recognizing our own weaknesses, subconsciously lowering our self-worth and self-confidence. When we say thank you, we are expressing gratitude and appreciation for others which can help us feel more positive emotions, thus feeling better about ourselves. By saying “thank you”, we are driving positive attention and energy towards the other person, which will help them feel appreciated and cared for.

We all make mistakes. And even though no one’s perfect, we can all make an effort to use the power of “thank you” to help better the mental health of ourselves and those around us. Next time you feel the need to say “sorry”, try saying “thank you” instead!

For a fun worksheet on practicing saying thank you instead of sorry, click below!

Saying “Thank You” Instead of “I’m Sorry”, by Big Life Journal

Graphic by Crazyheadcomics


Making Changes: Setting Goals for Long-Lasting Healthy Habits

Healthy habits can be tough to keep, especially during a pandemic when we’re focused on so many other things such as keeping our families safe and fed. That being said, we cannot provide the best care for others if we aren’t taking care of ourselves. Creating healthy long-lasting habits that fit your life and goals is one way you can take charge of your own health which in turn will help you provide for your family.

The first step in making a change towards a healthier habit is simply acknowledging that it’s time to make a change! Setting goals is a great way to follow through with this healthy habit.

For information on how to change a habit, check out the following link: