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A Light in the Darkness - First Week of Advent - A Reading from the Gospel of St. John

A Light in the Darkness - First Week of Advent - A Reading from the Gospel of St. John

Imagine a darkness so DARK that light just gets swallowed up. It just ends. And then imagine a LIGHT that is so bright that darkness cannot overcome it. In the darkness of the world, that Light is Jesus. And Advent is the promise of the coming of the Light to a Dark World.

Hail to the King, Baby - Gospel for Christ the King Sunday

Hail to the King, Baby - Gospel for Christ the King Sunday

Jesus confirms it. It's official. He is the Good King, coming to take his rightful place on the throne of the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth. But why are we reading an EASTER story, right before Christmas?

Gospel Reading for Nov. 7, 2021

No Plan "B" - Gospel Reading Mark 10:41-44

Jesus doesn't ask us for "more". We can't impress him with an amount of money or prayer or behaviour. What impresses Jesus is someone who gives everything they have, even if - especially if - that's all you can give.

Gospel Reading for Oct. 31, 2021

Above the Law - Gospel Reading Mark 12:28-34

Are you above the law? According to God you are! Before we can love our neighbor, before we can fully love God, we need to love ourselves, see ourselves as God sees us. Above every other law, these all come first.

Gospel Reading Oct. 17, 2021

Riding Shotgun with Jesus - Gospel Reading - Mark 10.35-45

Ever fight with your brother or sister about who gets to ride shotgun on a road trip? Well, that tradition has its roots way back in the bible when James and John called their shots at the right and left side of Jesus when he takes his throne. And just like with your sibs, a fight breaks out.

Gospel Reading Sunday, Oct. 10

Swimming With Your Boots On - Gospel Reading Mark 10:17-22

Jesus lays it out for the rich young man. Give it all away and follow me. But it's not about his money. It's about what's holding him back from being completely free to live the life Jesus has for him and with him. It's like swimming with your boots on. Lose those boots.

Gospel Reading for Sept. 26, 2021

Goodness In You - Gospel Reading Mark 9:38-41

Whatever you see in yourself, your people and the world around you that is good and true and beautiful, THAT'S a piece of Jesus. Jesus sees himself in you when you bring goodness and truth and beauty to your world.

Others First for One Year - Gospel Reading Mark 9:30-37

Others First for One Year - Gospel Reading Mark 9:30-37

Jesus was ready to DIE for his best friends. To give up his life for all of humanity. And his disciples are talking about who's the GOAT amongst all of them. What would your life look like if, for one year, you put others first.

Chaplain Chat for June 27, 2021

Relentless Love - Gospel Reading for June 27, 2021 - Mark 5:21-43
Jesus is relentless. One person after another comes to him for healing. He never says no. He won't force his way in but he's there when you need him. Just ask.

Chaplain Chat for June 20, 2021

Are You In a Storm? - Gospel Reading for June 20, 2021 - Mark 4:35-41

I've been in some wild storms. Power poles obliterated by lightning. Hail that smashed windows. Trees turned over. But none were as scary and hard as some of the storms life can throw at us. But God's promised to see us through to the other side of our stormy seas.

Chaplain Chat for June 13, 2021

Corn and...Mustard?? - Gospel Reading for June 13, 2021 - Mark 4.26-34

From this tiny, black bead of a seed, we get a mustard bush. But I don't grow mustard. I grow corn. So, there's that. But the same thing applies. From a small weird yellow seed grows this huge cornstalk that gives 100x more corn seeds. God wants you to be a seed.

Chaplain Chat for June 6, 2021

Giving Blood - Gospel Reading for June 6, 2021

Moses sacrificed sheep and cows and their blood was a sign of the promises God made with the Israelites. Now Jesus comes along and makes a new promise. He becomes the sacrifice and gives his own body and blood as the sign of the promise. And the mark he leaves with us is the Eucharist - Communion - every Sunday at Catholic Mass.

Chaplain Chat for May 31, 2021

Dad? Is That You?First Reading - Solemnity of the Trinity - May 30, 2021
Is your dad perfect? My dad's amazing but not perfect. I'm a dad and I know I'm not perfect. But today, as we look at God as Father, Son and Spirit, I'm moved by who God wants to be for us - not just Father but Daddy.